Concrete5 upgrade

How to upgrade Concrete5?

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Keeping your application up to date is important for keeping it secure since the known security breaches are fixed by the vendor in the latest release.

To update your application you will first need to go to the administration dashboard.

Then you will need to navigate to System & Settings > Backup & Restore > Update concrete5:

RE: Concrete5 upgrade

In our example we are updating from Concrete5 7.4.1 to 7.5.9

Note: The concrete5 versions are consisted of the number 5 and then the x.x.x number of the release and often the first sign is omitted – this means that Concrete5 is the same as Concrete5 7.5.8.

On the screen where you are directed by following the steps above you will need to click on the Download button:

RE: Concrete5 upgrade

Once the package is downloaded you will need to click on the Install Update button:

RE: Concrete5 upgrade

The process will take a while and then you will see the following message:

RE: Concrete5 upgrade
Joe Benson Answered on November 7, 2016.
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