How to change my CName record?

What should I do to change the CName record for my domain?

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You can change the CName record of your domain from:

cPanel -> Advanced DNS Zone Editor

At the Advanced DNS Zone Editor menu you have to choose the domain for which you want to change the CNAME record. Next you should look for the Zone File Records table. In this table you will find different records for your domain – A record, TXT record, CNAME record. To change the CNAME record for a domain you have to change all the three CNAME records (usually for each domain there are exactly three CNAME records).

The procedure of editing those records is the same for the three of them. First click on the Edit button for the CNAME record then type the new value of the Name field and click on the Edit Record button.

John Rogers Answered on September 25, 2015.
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