What are the benefits if I have CloudLinux installed on my server?

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CloudLinux is operating system that is specifically designed for the shared hosting market, providing security, stability and ease of management. The main benefit of using CloudLinux OS is their Lightweight Virtualized Environment. The LVE technology is designed to limit the amount of CPU and RAM accessible to a given process. It provides better resource tracking with its “containers” which allows limiting the resources any single account can use.

The main reasons why many people are increasingly finding CloudLinux beneficial are:

1) Resource Limitation
2) Improve the reliability or the hosting environment
3) Allows to increase the number of accounts per server
4) Decrease the server load
5) Increase server uptime
6) Enable easy access and control through cPanel
7) Ease of deployment

CloudLinux provides a number of addons, making server administration even easier. The first addon is called “CageFS” which is a selection of tools available for users to prevent hackers from scanning for vulnerable files. Another addon of CloudLinux is the “PHP Selector” which allows selecting the version of PHP running on the specific user account, plus the option to enable and disable various PHP modules without making any changes to the other user accounts residing on the server. Also the “MySQL and I/O governors” are providing more flexibility to control the CPU, RAM, MySQL and I/O with the ability to add throttles per server and per user basis.

Christian Smith Answered on September 23, 2015.
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