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How to change file or folder permissions?

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The Linux (Unix) operating system has a major difference compared to the other environments. It is that it is not only multitasking system but also a multi-user one. This means that each file can be accessed and used by multiple users at the same time.

As a security measure you can set specific rights to the file for each user. The users are separated in three categories – the owner, group of related users and all other users. You can also assign read, write and execute permissions to them.

In some cases the application you use might require specific permissions set to one or more files and folder. Here in this article we will show you how to change the permissions of a file/folder using the File Manager located in your cPanel.

First you need to access you cPanel which is available at

Then navigate to the File Manager located in the Files section:

RE: Change permissions

Next you will see a list of the files and folders located in your account. To change permissions you need to select the appropriate folder or file and click on the Permissions button:

RE: Change permissions

In our case we are changing the permissions to the dolphin folder.

When you click on the Permissions button you will be displayed with a selector in which you can specify the rights for the User, Group and World:

RE: Change permissions

As you can see you can allow the three groups Read, Write or Execute permissions. Once you set the one you need click on the Change Permissions button and you are ready.

Joe Benson Answered on January 9, 2017.
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