From where can I add more FTP accounts?

From where can I add more FTP accounts?

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You can add more FTP accounts via your cPanel -> FTP accounts. You should enter the following information in the fields on the opened page:

a)    “Login” – here you should enter the desired username, after the creation, the username which you should use must be [email protected]

b)    “Password” – Here you should enter that password for this account.

c)    “Password (Again)”  – Here you should repeat your password.

d)    “Directory” – The most important field. Here you should set the folder for the account which you are about to create. If you leave it blank, the created account will be able to access your public_html directory.

e)    “Quota” – here you may limit the quota for that account.

f)    Click on the “Create FTP account” button.

Geraldine Stevens Answered on October 8, 2015.
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