How to change the A record for my domain?

I want to change the A record for my domain.

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You can change the A record for your domain name from:

cPanel -> Advanced DNS Zone Editor

Login into your cPanel account and navigate to the Advanced DNS Zone Editor. If you have more than one domain you will be provided with an option to choose for which domain to change the A record. Once chosen you can change its A record from the Zone File Records section where most of the records of the DNS zone are presented. You have to look for a row which looks like this:

Name TTL Class Type Record Action 14400 IN A Edit   Delete


where instead of your domain name should be listed(note that there is a dot after your domain name). Simply click on the Edit button, enter the new A record(in the Address field), click on the Edit Record button and the A record will be changed.

RE: How to change the A record for my domain?
John Rogers Answered on September 25, 2015.
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