Exclusive Deal: Up to 55% Off for HostAdvice Visitors!

Exclusive Deal: Up to 55% Off for HostAdvice Visitors!

Green Hosting

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Green Shared Infrastructure

We are environmentally responsible and all of our servers are intentionally located in the most green-oriented data centers in the USA and European Union. We are already enjoying the results of several green initiatives aiming to reduce the power consumption and increase the operating efficiency. Our data centers now work with optimized management of cold airflow, reduced bypass airflow, more efficient airflow direction to server cabinets. All of these improvements help us use less of our planet's valuable resources and let us proudly call ourselves GREEN.

Green Virtual Private Servers

If you would like to take advantage of the latest technologies in the hosting industry and still be environmentally responsible you may consider our VPS Green server. This virtual private server is hosted on a specially optimized node using the cutting edge technologies which reduce the power consumption with 70% of all internal hardware components including the CPU and motherboard. As a result the heat emissions are reduced drastically which leads to more than 45% less cooling time and eliminates the need of additional air conditioning.

This makes VPS Green an extremely customizable and fully featured dedicated hosting environment with up to 115% reduced power consumption in comparison with other VPS/DS. Furthermore, by eliminating the need of additional cooling and dedicated air condition solutions, the VPS Green meets even the highest standards for environmentally friendly hosting nowadays.

Intel Atom, the dual core Green Server

If your website requires dedicated resources on a reasonable price you still can stay on the green side. Instead of going to high power consumption servers which require a lot of cooling time, electrical power and environmentally unfriendly air condition systems, you can take advantage of the Dual-Core ATOM server. By using Intel's bleeding-edge Dual-Core ATOM processor and motherboard technology this server power consumption can be reduced by as much as 75%!

The ATOM 1.6 GHZ Dual-Core with 1MB L2 Cache benchmark results prooved up to 55% better performance than any VPS, still without any environmental drawbacks. This makes the ATOM server one of the most environmentally friendly dedicated solutions on the market, usually referred as The Green Server. This innovative technology approach allows you to go green with a fully dedicated server, still on an extremely affordable price.