Exclusive Deal: Up to 55% Off for HostAdvice Visitors!

Exclusive Deal: Up to 55% Off for HostAdvice Visitors!

Our Data Centers

Our Data Centers

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Back in 2007, we have started our company with one data center facility only. By that time, we have chosen Houston, Texas to be the first home of our infrastructure. Thanks to our significant growth over the years, we are now operating four different US data center locations (two in Illinois, one in Texas and one in Arizona). Most recently, we have expanded our business overseas and operate a data center location in the European Union, situated in the heart of Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Having that large infrastructure gives us a vast amount of options for unmatched redundancy, large scalability and rapid expansion.

Chicago, Illinois

Our Chicago downtown data center, best known as TMD-C1 is housing a major part of our shared and dedicated infrastructure. Being SAS 70 type II certified, TMD-C1 features redundant N+1 power, HVAC and unmatched networking facilities.

Elk Grove, Illinois

Our Elk Grove data center facility, nicknamed TMD-C2, is housing a large amount of our virtual infrastructure servers. Also SAS 70 type II certified, it is the facility where we have most of our dislocated staff.

Phoenix, Arizona

Our latest US based location is a futuristic state of art facility, which has large capacity and expects its new tenants already. We are hosting a large piece of our reseller, cloud and dedicated infrastructure there.

Houston, Texas

Nicknamed TMD-H1, our Houston data center was the initial home of our infrastructure. It is still being actively used on different occasions and has a large piece of internal services housed there.

Amsterdam, Europe

Located in the heart of Amsterdam, The Netherlands this is the first European Union location that we have started to operate. The data center we are using there is SAS 70 type II certified and can be considered as reliable as our US locations. We have large capacity at this data center, ready to serve our happy European Customers.

Data Center Speed Test

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Tier-1 Premium Bandwidth Providers

We are operating a fully redundant, 150+ GBPS network, located 2 hops away to 15+ Tier 1 providers.

SAS 70 Type II certified.

Facilities quality ensured by SAS 70. It provides guidance to service auditors when assessing the internal control of a service organization.