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Exclusive Deal: Up to 55% Off for HostAdvice Visitors!

About us

About TMDHosting

Thanks to the people below, TMDHosting have developed this further in many different fields such as customer service perfection, technical innovations and HR management. Some of them are with the company since its very beginning and some joined us later on. Nevertheless, they and the teams they are leading are both united behind one main goal - to have your websites running smooth and fast, in an innovative and secure environment.

George Moody

VP of Technical Operations

Steph Fontaine

VP of Sales

Michael Rowley

Head of System Operations

John Mesker

Head of Marketing Department

Ken Wilkins

Head of Development



Areas we specialize in:

First and foremost, we are really good in Customer service and this is our primary special. Along with that, we have different divisions dedicated entirely to developing a new and innovative web hosting environment, which is always step ahead of the competition.

  • Open Source Applications

  • Customer service

  • Genius Support

  • System administration

  • Clustering & load balancing

  • Performance optimization