Jul 06

LMS hosting guide

This post is continuation of “How to create and manage your academic or community website” article. In this one we will focus on the most popular free open source applications that you can use in order to create an e-Learning, school, academic or e-campus website with online lectures and other cool and helpful tools. We will review the most interesting tools and modules/ extensions that those application offer. Hence, you will get a brighter idea on which LMS is the one suitable for the online project you’re planning to start.

For those who consider themselves as new to LMS, we would like to shed some light on the meaning under the abbreviation LMS. A Learning Management System (LMS) is a software through which you can deliver learning content and resources to students, manage trainings, monitor students participation and assess their performance. LMS is very often used by large enterprises for their employees within the organization in order to monitor the effectiveness of company education and trainings. You can use various tools for organizing the online learning environment of your website, such as: competency management, certifications, succession planning, skills-gap analysis, virtual live classes and resource allocation (venues, rooms, textbooks, instructors, etc.). Students on your LMS web site are enabled to use interactive features such as threaded discussions, discussion forums and video conferencing.

Find below the table showing some of the main tools/ features that an LMS should offer. If the box is empty, that means that the feature is either not offered at the moment or it is in “coming soon” status. For further
detailed information on the functionality/ addons provided by these applications, please refer to the links
given below – we are sure you will find them helpful when making your mind which LMS application is the right for you.


This table compares the features of one of the most popular LMS applications (Moodle, Doceos, Atutor, Claroline, Docebo and JoomlaLMS). Still, you can review some other e-learning solutions on our LMS Hosting page.

In case you are not sure which one to choose, start with the one that offers the greatest number of features you need for your project. Then in time, if you feel this is not the right LMS application for you, you can change it with another one. At TMDHosting all that applications are provided with a pack of free services such as: Free installation and configuration, Free module installation, Free theme change. For more information on our LMS hosting services, feel free to contact us at anytime.

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Apr 06

Docebo hosting

In one of our previous articles we have provided you with some general guidelines on how to start your own academic website. This time we will present you the Docebo e-Learning platform which can be used by both teachers and students to create academic community websites or online classrooms and courses.

Docebo is an Open Source e-Learning platform (LMS and LCMS) used in corporate and higher education markets. The Platform supports 18 languages and can support different didactic models. Including: Blended, Self-Directed, Collaborative and even Social Learning through Chat, Wiki, Forums and 53 other different functions. This functionality provides you with the ability to create multi language content on your website published on a single CMS or LMS platform.

It is important to mention that Docebo application is not just a new kid on the block on the e-learning platforms marked but a feature-rich, highly customizable and powerful application. Furthermore, it includes integrated modules such as CMS platform, forum, polls and e-commerce solutions which put it even one step ahead in compare to applications such as Moodle and aTutor.

Unlike most CMS systems which categorize the content in different sections and categories and use the pages to simply display one of them, Docebo divide the page on blocks which can be used to display any blocks such as text page, forum, poll or chat. As a result you can insert any component, module or block on any page without the need to integrate additional applications such as chat, polls or forum.

For those of you who are looking for a software which provides the functionality to create real live video/audio conference for online traning purposes Docebo can provide you with DimDim and Teleskill support. DimDim and Teleskill provide services which allow you to schedule and create virtual class rooms with complete audio/video conference support as well as presentation mode.

For more information regarding the Docebo e-Learning platform you may review our hosting plan and tutorials. With TMDhosting Docebo LMS Hosting Package you can get a Professional FREE Docebo installation service performed by our experienced technical support team! If you need professional assistance choosing your plan can always contact our representatives via our live chat.

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