Dec 30

The website design contest for 2013 is officially over

Hello! Hopefully you are enjoying the holiday season as much as we do. During this season, we have been running a contest on the TMDHosting Facebook page, trying to find out the best looking website for 2013, which we are hosting on our servers.

The contest is over now and we have not one, but two winners! Let me explain – until the very end of the contest, voters were tore apart between the two leaders – Vinay Sagar and Gary Zappelli.

The difference between them turned out to be five votes only. As we truly appreciate all the effort put in popularizing their contest entry, we have decided to award them both.

Vinay entered the contest with a website he developed and designed for Gayathri – A Professional Kuchipudi Dancer. His entry received 344 votes.

Gary entered the contest with a website he developed and designed for FD Hodge Interiors, Boston. His entry received 339 votes.

Expect to hear more from both of them soon, as we have prepared a little talk with in the beginning of 2014.

Last, but not least – we would like to thank all our contest participants for their participation and fair play. Don’t give up on not winning this particular contest – it is the first from many, which we have planned for 2014 and you will have the chance to participate into. It will be an amazing year in which we have prepared a large variety of games to interact more with our Customers.

Dec 10

Hello, new design!

Hello everybody! It has been a very busy and exciting quarter at our offices. As you might have already noticed, we have released a brand new website last week. This introductory post was intentionally delayed so that we can fix all these little things that might have been bugging, still if you find something you think is not appropriate, do not hesitate to report it to our team.

After months of work, coordinated between every single department in our company, we have finally finished our first rebranding milestone – to release a new company website. We wanted to create sleek, clean and business oriented design which is easy to follow, find information within and make yourself feel convenient while browsing it.

First of all, you will notice that we have changed completely our color scheme. We picked up warm and comforting colors, which do not irritate the visitor and makes the information we need to provide easy to read.

Another very important aspect of our new design is our new logo, which is also designed in a minimal style, so it stands out and in the same time does not blink or flash too much.

We are on the market since 2007 and for the years behind, we have proved that we love what we do. This is the main reason for everything we start – from the smallest to the biggest project – to be performed in the most precise way. We are simply dedicated to providing our Customers with outstanding services. Thus we have decided to tie this company philosophy in our new slogan and you can officially refer to us as The Most Dedicated hosting company.

A very important change you will immediately notice is our new mascot. By the moment of launching our new website, we are still calling it Freddie – this was his name during the project.

We believe, however, you will find it a new name, one that fits better, and we have planned an exciting game for this purpose. It is planned to take place in January 2014, so keep an eye further.

Changes are not only visual, though! We have added a bunch of new dedicated servers - you can now benefit from the latest Intel E3 series versions. Our VPS plans were seriously revamped, so that you can scale them easier.

Last but not least we have finally launched Europe hosting location to meet the growing needs of our overseas Customers. The European hosting infrastructure we are using is located in facilities that meet the very high standards we have for our US based locations. It is located in Amsterdam, The Netherlands and is an ideal hosting location for every website that has an audience in Europe.

Soon it will be followed by an Asia-Pacific option (expected by the end of Q1 2014).

Our technical support has also evolved a lot in the past years. With all the experience gained, all the tasks handled and all the troubles solved, we have decided to give them an appropriate branding too. The men and the women in our technical support team are so good in what they do, they are so devoted and they solve such complicated issues on a daily basis. They truly deserve to be distinguished by every other technical support out there (no offense, they are simply the best)!

They just do Genius work and they are dubbed Genius Support from now on. This name they have truly earned through the years.

The Genius Team have gotten even better and Geniuses continue to develop on a daily basis. Still, their assistance is included for completely free of charge in every managed package of ours – from the smallest to the biggest one.

So far – so good! We have prepared an exciting new additions to our website that we are working to launch. We will giving them a few detailed posts, still here is a list of newly designed areas that we are expecting to launch soon:

- A brand new Client Area and Support Center
- Redesigned and very lightweight Knowledge Base
- New blog design with more interaction options

We sincerely believe that you have liked our new website design. We have worked very hard on it, making sure that every single detail is drawn and arranged with great precision! Still, if you think that there is room for improvement or you just want to congratulate us – you can do this either in the Facebook post comments or email.

Dec 04

Do you have the best looking website design?

It has been a long and busy year for us at TMDHosting and now that the holidays are approaching, we are organizing an exciting contest for you! We are looking to find out the best looking website that is hosted on our servers and award it with a brand new iPad Air!

Participating in the contest is quite easy and it does not take a lot of time, at all :) All you need to do is to go at our contest page and follow the steps.

The contest is being held at the TMDHosting Facebook page and due to some specifics of the Facebook platform, you participate with a screenshot of your website. We have created a very easy tool for creating screenshots if you do not know how to make one on your own. It can be found at the contest page on our website.

Once you have the screenshot handy, you simply go to the TMDHosting Facebook page, click the Photo Contest button (should be below the cover photo) and submit your website’s screenshot.

As soon as you enroll in the contest, you will be given an unique link that you can use to share your participation among social networks, blogs, instant messengers. Use this link to invite your friends and relatives, so that they can get to help you win the prize – a brand new iPad Air!

Speaking of the prize, I can assure with first-hand information – you really, really, really want to win it. I first thought it is just a marketing trick or something like this, but this device really is thin 7.5mm and weights 1 single pound. It is unbelievably fast and the display is so crisp that everything looks better on it.

On behalf of the entire TMDHosting Team, I would like to wish you good luck in the upcoming contest! May the website with most votes win!

Oct 18

Multiple PHP versions available in your cPanel now

While our marketing team is working on more great partnerships, as previously announced, our technical support team and system administrators were busy adding some great new features to the cPanel. We will be presenting them over the next week and we are in a hurry to present the first one of them now.

During the years, the web hosting market has emerged and changed quite a lot. Not only that, but it changes at a rapid pace as you are even reading this post. The key word to this market, if you ask seasoned people working at it, is flexibility. This, combined with the ability to adapt were always a success recipe for us at TMDHosting.

Over the years, not only the market changed, but also the environment and the applications running on it. This is why, we are glad to provide you with a great flexibility tool, namely to change your account’s PHP version on demand. There are, already, number of applications that require PHP 5.3. Still, however, there are greater number that are not yet ready to shift from PHP 5.2. There will be, someday, such a situation when PHP 5.4 become more mature. Until now, we have been keeping different servers, each of them using different PHP versions and, where needed, transferred accounts between them.

Realizing that this is not rational, we have developed a cPanel plugin, which will allow you to choose between PHP 5.2 (which we stick to by default, due the large application demand), PHP 5.3 and PHP 5.4 (which is still beta and not mature enough). You can find it in your cPanel, under the Software/Services section:

To add even more flexibility to this, we have also created a mechanism to set different folders to use completely different PHP versions. This is not yet included in the cPanel plugin, however, in its second version it will be. Currently, you can reach out to our technical support team and have them do this modification for you. Until then, on your own, you can change only the global version of the PHP interpreter for your account.

We are currently piloting this feature on selected number of servers. Next week we will have it available on each and every server of ours. In the meantime, if you need to take advantage of this feature, just get in touch with our friendly technical support staff – they will be glad to assist you and are on your disposal 24/7.

We hope that you will enjoy this feature and will take advantage of it. There are more cool things that we are currently perfecting and will start releasing very soon from the lab. Stay tuned!