Feb 20

How to create and manage your academic or community website

Or some essential tips to learn and have fun with classmates and friends.

Have you ever thought to make a website that would help your classmates and professors keep track of lectures, homework and curriculum activities? If this sounds boring to you let me explain how to turn your web page into the coolest and most visited site your school has ever had.

First and most important element about your community website is your content. Web content consists of all documents, data, applications, images, audio and video files that you publish on your web page. It is crucial that you update regularly your website content and publish information that is interesting to your readers. For example, if you are building an academic website you can speak to your teacher about his/hers lectures and ask permission to publish them online, where everyone can read them at home. You can also find out which are your classmates’ favorite books, games, and movies and ask them to write short reviews. Or you can start up a competition and publish the best school essays so everyone can log in, read them and vote. The best ideas about your website content you will find around yourself by asking friends what they like to read and learn more about. Your content is also a key element of your web page because search engines can index text easily and if the information is close to what a searcher is seeking it can be delivered as a site for the seeker of information. This will eventually result into growing number of visits to your site and high search engine ranking.

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Feb 03

How to write an online press release for your site

So far we have been publishing tips and articles that help you manage your website and its applications or technical advices. This is useful; however it neither helps you promote your website nor increase its online presence. That’s why we start this section where you will find practical articles about driving publicity to your business, increasing value and traffic. Feel free to comment on these articles and write us if you require more assistance or have other questions.

Useful tips that will help you write your press releases and get your story read

Have you ever thought of writing a press release or an article about your product or services? If so, then you probably know that putting in words your business’ bright side ain’t always easy. It gets worse when you are desperate to come up with a story that must catch attention, push readers to act and eventually reach your goals.

Here you will discover the essential steps of writing a good story about your activities or business.

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